More Pendragon Psychics & Tarot Testimonials

Testimonial received 25/11/2015
Just a very big thankyou to Norah who helped me find my husband's precious greenstone necklace. We had hunted everywhere for the last three days and within five minutes of following Norah's clues I had found it.

Blessings_ DS

Testimonial received 26/12/2015
For Norah
Thank you very much Nora for your guidance today as I try to move forward in my life. I am ever so grateful you have chosen to share your gift through Pendragon to help me and others when some clarity is required, even just to take that smallest, initial step in the right direction. Your insight is amazing – you are able to read a situation and the persons involved to fine detail and then see beyond. You are candid, sincere and sensitive – your message is always delivered with positivity and hope. You make difficult times seem not so difficult – so pleased I called.

Testimonial received 15/11/2015

Kia ora

I have just finished a session with Michelle and just want to acknowledge her and thank her for her reassurance and guidance as to what the future holds for me. While I phoned thinking I was making an enquiry about one particular matter, I actually received everything that I wasn't expecting, but was supposed to receive.

I also felt like I was talking to a real friend, not someone I'd never communicated with before.

Thank you for everything Michelle - for all of the messages of support you have passed forward to me on 'their' behalf. I'll be sure to contact you again if I need any further support on this path.

Ngā mihi nui,


Testimonial received 12/2/2016
I just want to thank Norah so very, very much for my reading. I had actually tried 2 other phone psychics, (from different sites) immediately before ringing Norah. And the difference between Norah & the others was recognizable immediately. She spoke with a flow in her voice like she was definitely being guided by some higher forces. There were no pauses in her reading except for Norah catching her breath to speak again with the same flow . This was all done without me having to reveal any details, she only asked my name as you would when speaking with another person. She did not even ask me for my D.O.B !

I was blown away with how after just a few seconds was telling me exactly what was going on for me. To the point that I was drawn to tears with her accuracy. She was so accurate with just a general question I asked about my children, that I was again drawn to tears, by her immediate statement regarding 1 of my children .This lady was not just lovely to speak with, but there is just no way she could of 'guessed' any of the reading! And I have to say ,this is a testimonial from an extremely pessimistic person, regarding phone psychic's and psychics in general.

Again thank you so much Norah

Testimonial received 15/2/2016
Dear Norah,
Thank you so much. You were spot on, I couldn't believe how accurate you were but more importantly you went straight to the issues that I needed clarification on.
You knew my family history and the emotional dynamics between all of us. My father who had passed came through and you described him exactly even telling me about a conversation I had with my partner during the weekend previous, about my Dad. You told me my father is watching over meand then told me key words that only he would know. Amazing. You answered my questions andgave me such peace of mind.
You are a special and talented lady who makes a real difference.
Thank you -- KB

Testimonial received 4/3/2016
Thank you so much Norah I found your reading very accurate and insightful. The things you picked up on were so true and gave me assurance that you are indeed the real deal. I will follow up on your advice about my health and finances. _ L

Testimonial received 12/12/2015
Spoken to Michelle before, and once again she is accurate and truthful, She confirmed all the things I intuitively already knew. Thank you again, I feel relieved that I'm on the right track
Michelle - Hastings

Testimonial received 7/6/2016
Just a note to say thank you for the helpful advice and insight to my questions, when I phoned to ask about the sale of two properties back in February. We were told they would sell in 2-3 months and that the figure 10,000 would be significant to the deal.

You were spot on. We sold one property the following week and the other property was sold when the purchaser upped their offer by exactly $10,000. We have never owned four properties at one time and it was very stressful. Thank you for giving us the positive energy we needed.

Best wishes Janet and John

Testimonial received 2016

Dear seeker,
I have been using the Pendragon services for 5 years and wish to say a few words about all the readers as a whole.
As a sensitive intuitive person myself I have been calling psychics for a number of years in order to confirm my feel of any given situation. I now only use the Pendragon team for confirmation of my feelings of events any day of the week, it never matters who picks up the phone, I always feel better afterwards.
Our higher consciousness will always lead us to speak with the right reader on any given day. Each reader I connect with always affirms and assists me to understand the vibration of my situation and word it in a way that matches how I am feeling about an event or situation.
All of the readers either offer a new perspective or point out information that I've missed that completes the puzzle for me. Even in moments of feeling low and lost I will call and always feel picked up by their knowing insights; courage to carry on in our new and ever changing world.
I can highly recommend all of the readers as each one has assisted me greatly over the years.
Many thanks and love to the entire team, you are all so wonderful and appreciated beyond words.

Testimonial received 2/9/2016
I had a reading this morning with Norah. I've spoken to her a few times already and have never been disappointed.
Today was to see if I'm on the right path, she suggested what I could say to my special someone. I did and the right outcome is happening.

Thank you so much Norah... you are truly amazing

xx _ M

Testimonial received 20/6/2016
Norah thank you so much you were so good. And made me feel so much better. I know I can be strong and will look forward to six months. _ Sue W

Testimonial received 4/10/2016
I would like to thank your service and all the readers for their warmth and openeness that has helped me to get through the most difficult times over recent months.
I cannot express how encouraging and supportive your readers are. I have dealt more so with Debs, JO and Michelle and find each fantastic and supportive as well as very enlightening toward such issues.
Thank you for providing a service I trust to speak with, as I feel I cannot talk with any other. :)

_ Lisa