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Butterflies-Floweringweb.jpgVictoria- Madame Tori

Tarot & Healing

I have been developing a wide range of skills over the last 20 years.

I did an apprenticeship in Tarot under the guidance of the French Gypsy _ Vjeroushka, who had been reading Tarot for over 30 years.

I have a background in natural therpaies and incorporate divine healing in my readings. I studied colour therapy with aura soma, aura and chakra awareness at the College of Natural Healing;  and aromatherapy at Wellpark College.

I have also developed my own hair product _ Heavenly Hair Oil.

It gives me a wonderful sense of achievement to share insight, awareness and guidance with many people for Pendragon Psyhics and Tarot.

Victoria_Madame Tori is available on 0900 99 3 99

I am always happy to put my skills into action for your benefit - so let's talk soon!

Monday 1pm - 6pm

Tuesday 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 1pm - 6pm

Thursday 1pm - 6pm

Sunday 1pm - 6pm

To a book a reading with Victoria using a credit card/debit card call

NZ 0800 73 63 72

Australia 1800 008 321

Testimonial for Victoria

Real insights opened up for me as a result of Victoria's reading, I feel much clearer on current and future influences.

Testimonial received 24/6/2016

Dear Pendragon

I had a terrific reading this week from Victoria. She explained some deep issues dating back to my relationship with my mother and spinning through the years to relationships with various women bosses and friends. It opened up my thinking and has given me fresh insight. 
Best wishes

Tarot Readers

druidcraft_princesscups_tarot_profile.jpgThe Tarot is as relevant today as ever. Tarot cards divine wisdom and knowledge from the Cosmos representing events, relationships, the past and present, and provide remarkably accurate glimpses into the future.
The use of the Tarot has transcended ancient civilisations and survived centuries, because although not alive in a physical sense, it has the ability to grow and change because we give it life.
Our gifted Tarot readers combine this ancient tradition with natural Clairvoyance to give you a personal live reading, imparting insight and guidance.
The Tarot can be used for a lot more of course than a simple yes or no answer.
The traditional form or layout is used to predict ones past, present and future. Every tarot card has a meaning, and together in combinations form incredibly accurate summations and predictions.


Distance Spiritual Healing

Heal me, heal my friend

This page allows you to email the names of friends or family to receive absent spiritual healing.
The name will appear on the site and receive absent healing from our team of readers.

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