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Merry Meet, I'm River, an American born tarot reader and dream guide. I am compassionate and intuitive, working with the cards to find the answers to your questions.

My tribal American heritage and spirituality helps me guide you through your dreams to help you see what they are trying to tell you.

I draw my energy from the earth I stand on, the air I breathe, the fire in my heart and the water I consume. I draw my power to read for you from nature herself.

I hope to hear from you soon and offer you guidance, both from the cards or through your dreams.

River is available on  0900 99 3 99

Tuesday April 25, 1pm - 11pm

Friday April 28, 1pm - 6pm

Sunday April 30, 1pm - 6pm

To book a reading with River using a credit/debit card call

phone.png 0800 73 63 72

No Extra Charges for Mobiles

Testimonial received for River 2/10/2016

I have had 3 readings so far with River, she has been a huge support and totally accurate so with her readings on what will happen during my breakup. She has been spot on with the things he will contact me about, the timing on the contact and how hes reacting.

I literally would not be getting through this without her. Lets see if we are back together on Tuesday! If you want an honest and accurate reading River is the best! Thank you so much

River you are truly amazing, _C

Testimonial received for River

River is an excellent reader - very happy with her readings good advice and nice approach.

Thanks C. W

Testimonial received for River

Hi, I would just like to say how fantastic River is.

Her readings are spot on.

River told me to go along to this auction and against all odds of buying this property that day it came true and we live in this property today.

River has been spot on about my new job, even to the day and how a friend would contact me for the job and they have.

River has also been helpful with family matters. The list goes on. Even our new dog.

River is the right person for any reading. I strongly recommend her.

Regards Charmaine

Testimonial for River

My reading with River was The Best Reading Ever!!

Thank you. _ S.R 


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