Norah - Psychic Medium


Norah is a psychic medium, empath, medical intuitive and reiki master.
She has been psychic all her life and began working as a reader and healer in 2009. 

Norah is a compassionate and accurate reader who looks forward to hearing from you. 

"Norah has an incredible gift of insight that is so very special. With the guidance of spirit Norah has the ability to convey with incredible accuracy."

Norah is available on 0900 99 7 99

Monday 1pm - 6pm

Tuesday 9am - 1pm

Wednesday 6pm - 10pm

To book a reading with Norah using a credit/debit card call

NZ 0800 73 63 72

AUSTRALIA 1800 008 321

No Extra Charges for Mobiles

Testimonial received 16/12/2016

I'd like to say a big thank you to Norah. Norah has assisted me greatly to navigate my personal growth and evolution of my spirit this year as I faced many heart wrenching changes and challenges.

Bless her for her generous heart, understanding, honesty and encouragement along with her talent as a gifted and accurate reader...and sometimes if tough to hear but it is worth listening too!

If you wish to be the best you that you can be and navigate your journey through life then give yourself the gift of a reading with Norah.

Thank you Nora

Kind regards K

Testimonial received 17/12/2016

Thank you Norah for your empathy and loving personality.
I have had several readings with Norah, and always enjoy speaking with her. She is such a grounded, caring person who reads with honesty.

Norah has provided much clarity regarding a particular situation I have been facing.
Thank you Norah for your words, teachings and your beautiful personality.


Norah has an incredible gift of insight that is so very special. With the guidance of spirit Norah has the ability to convey with incredible accuracy. At a time in my life where I have had to face so many upheavals Norah has provided me with many answers to ease my situation and pain. She is the loveliest of readers, and when things get difficult her name always comes to the fore for clarity. Thank you Norah, you are very very special. 

Patricia 28/10 

Testimonial for Norah, received 14/10/15

Norah provided me with accuracy and understanding in her reading, and provided honest feedback to a number of situations. I find her manner caring and encouraging.


Testimonial received 1 August, 2015

My reading from Norah was awesome. She is sensitive and accurate. We covered work in detail spanning the immediate and future. From there information was shared about me, love life and prospects. I recommend her if you are looking for authenticity, accuracy and understanding.


Testimonial received 12/2/2016
I just want to thank Norah so very, very much for my reading. I had actually tried 2 other phone psychics, (from different sites) immediately before ringing Norah. And the difference between Norah & the others was recognizable immediately. She spoke with a flow in her voice like she was definitely being guided by some higher forces. There were no pauses in her reading except for Norah catching her breath to speak again with the same flow . This was all done without me having to reveal any details, she only asked my name as you would when speaking with another person. She did not even ask me for my D.O.B !

I was blown away with how after just a few seconds was telling me exactly what was going on for me. To the point that I was drawn to tears with her accuracy. She was so accurate with just a general question I asked about my children, that I was again drawn to tears, by her immediate statement regarding 1 of my children .This lady was not just lovely to speak with, but there is just no way she could of 'guessed' any of the reading! And I have to say ,this is a testimonial from an extremely pessimistic person, regarding phone psychic's and psychics in general.

Again thank you so much Norah

Testimonial received 4/3/2016
Thank you so much Norah I found your reading very accurate and insightful. The things you picked up on were so true and gave me assurance that you are indeed the real deal. I will follow up on your advice about my health and finances. _ L