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Hi name is Nicole and I'm a clairvoyant. I see into your situation with my inner sight, and our guides - both yours and mine - will speak to me and tell me what is needed to solve your dilemma. I can do remote healing, and also can interpret dreams.
I am particularly good at helping solve self-employment situations, as in my early career I ran some large businesses that I developed from the ground up. Because of this, I recognise the symbols that come through in that area of life when doing readings.

I've got a long history of being scarily accurate.
My clients often phone me 12 months later and say, "hey, you know how you said this... well it all came true!" One lady saw me sitting in the library and came up to tell me that I had been precisely accurate, even though at the time she didn't believe me. She said she wished that she had listened, but she realised that she wasn't ready to hear what I'd had to say.

I love what I do - it gives me great satisfaction to help you through the tough times. Often when we're in the thick of things, we can't see the answers because we're in the eye of the storm. When someone standing outside of the storm can tell us what they see, it helps to guide us out of where we find ourselves. This is what my role is here as a clairvoyant reader.

I'm also here if you just want to vent to someone whom you don't ever have to talk to again if you want. Some things are best not discussed with friends or relatives, so having an objective outsider is a wonderful way to brainstorm your situation and find a solution.

Please feel free to call me if you like, and thank you for reading my profile.

Nicole is available on 0900 99 3 99

Saturday July 29th, 6pm-11pm

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Testimonial for Pendragon

Thank you Pendragon! I immediately felt comfortable discussing my issue and found the reader to be compassionate and caring, but practical.

She has given me the confidence to face the situation knowing that although there will be challenges there are many positives for the upcoming year.

Thank you very much.

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