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Psychic, Clairvoyant.

Hi my name is Jo and I have taken a journey as a spiritual wariror for the last 30 years. I am a gifted psyhic and have worked with helping and assisting people with their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical  problems.

I have an abilty to  keep people calm and centered during stressful times and I am very opened minded to any problem that are presented to me.

Even though I do not see myself as a medium, I have on the occassional reading had people who have passed over call in and say "Hi". I do not believe in conjuring them up unless they want to come through.

I work from spirit and will be proud to give you my full support as a reader.

Joanne is available on 0900 99 7 99

Monday April 24, 8am - 11pm

Thursday April 27, 8am - 1pm

To book a reading with Joanne using a credit/debit card call

phone.png 0800 73 63 72

No Extra Charges for Mobiles


Testimonial received 12/11/16
I really appreciate Jo`s honest and caring reading when I wanted to talk to my late husband.
I was so amazed and encouraged with the accurate and loving messages Jo forwarded to me from the other side.
Thank you so much Joanne. 
Love Jingjing & late Phil


I would like to thank you service, and all readers for there warmth and openness that has helped me to get through the most difficult times over recent months. I cannot express how encouraging and supportive your readers are.

I have dealt more so with Debs, Joanne and Michelle and find each fantastic and supportive as well as very enlightening toward such issues. Thank you for providing a service I trust to speak with, as I feel I cannot talk with any other. :)

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