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The online booking service is for clients wanting to use a credit or debit card.

For your convenience you can use the booking form below to book a reading in advance with Louise. Please refer to Louise's shifts above for her availability

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Nanciah - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Tarot

nancy_web.jpg"I guarantee clarity, sensitivity, and absolute confidentiality."

Call 0900 99 3 99

C/card 0800 73 63 72 

Testimonial for Nanciah: "I want to thank Nanciah so much for her insightful reading. She speaks so clearly and I understood everything she said. I recommend Nanciah to anyone needing answers ... more

Rachael - Psychic, Medium, Tarot


"To assist you in finding your true pathway, or discover anything holding you back"

Call 0900 99 7 99

C/card 0800 73 63 72 

Testimonial for Rachael: "At first I was very sceptical of psychics and Tarot readers, but after my first reading with Rachael I came to realise that this is a really great tool for your life....more

Welcome to Pendragon Psychics and Tarot, we are a New Zealand based service offering genuine readings with Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums & Tarot Readers.


For insight into YOUR Relationships, Career, Well-being and Life Path

Don't go to bed wondering, tossing, and turning.

Get a solid, quick, in-depth reading on your situation and sleep soundly tonight 

Call one of our caring and gifted readers for a confidential & personal live reading.

0900 99 3 99 or 0900 99 7 99

Credit Cards 

Call  0800 73 63 72


Louise - Tarot Prophetess & Spiriual Guide

louise_1.jpg"I will gladly serve you and your spirit with honour and truth."

Call 0900 99 3 99

C/card 0800 73 63 72 

Testimonial for Louise: "Had a reading with Louise and gained a lot of clarity. I liked her humble and gentle approach during times of stress, she was very clear and it has helped me gain insight.... more

Michelle - Clairvoyant Psychic, Tarot

Michelle.jpg " I am able to draw upon a wide range of skills to assist you and deliver results."

phone.pngCall 0900 99 7 99 

C/Card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial for Michelle: "What I liked about Michelle’s approach was that she was able to articulate her messages for me in a clear and concise manner so I had a clear sense of direction and confirmation I was on the right track .. more

Deevee - Psychic, Medium & Tarot

debr_photo.jpg"My strengths lie in relationship, business & pet readings.
For open, honest guidence please call me"

phone.pngCall 0900 99 3 99

 C/card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial:  I immediately felt comfortable discussing my issue and found the reader to be compassionate and caring, but practical.  She has given me the confidence to face the situation knowing that although there will be challenges ...more

Debra - Medium & Tarot

strength1t.JPG"I combine her natural talent as a Medium along with the Tarot to give you the most honest and accurate reading"

phone.pngCall 0900 99 3 99

C/card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial for Debra: Thank you Debra for answering all my questions. I feel truly blessed to have met such a kind-hearted person and gifted medium.... more

Carol - Psychic, Spirit Guide & Medium


"I specialise in love and past lives and I feel very blessed to have these skills to share. Blessings Carol"

phone.png  Call 0900 99 3 99

 C/card 0800 73 63 72

 Testimonial for Carol:   "Carol was really on to it, she was so accurate, there was stuff that nobody ever knew" ...more

River - Tarot & Dream Guide

river_for_web_site.jpg"I draw my power to read for you from nature herself"  

phone.pngCall 0900 99 3 99

C/card 0800 73 63 72

Testimonial for River: River has been spot on about my new job, even to the day and how a friend would contact me for the job and they have..... more